Every Door Direct Mail is the least expensive way to send bulk mail. Postage is just 20.1 cents apiece. While our earlier post, What is Every Door Direct Mail? , gives you the basics, this post will explore when you should & shouldn’t use EDDM.


…there is no option to send to businesses only


Who can I target with these sorts of bulk mailings? Saturation-rate bulk mail can be sent to residential addresses and business addresses, or to residential addresses only.  As the program is set up now, there is no option to send to businesses only.

When is EDDM not an appropriate option for businesses?

  • If you are planning to send bulk mail to an existing client list, this is not an appropriate option.
  • If your mail piece is letter-sized or postcard-sized it will not qualify.
  • If you are targeting businesses only, EDDM is not appropriate.
  • If you want to personalize your mail piece with the recipient’s name, EDDM is not for you.
  • If your best customer prospects are defined by specific demographics like income, age, gender, hobbies, political or religious affiliation then EDDM is not appropriate.

Where do you drop off your mailing? The USPS website actually tells you where to go to drop off your mailing as you are completing your paperwork. One of the unique features about this program is that Every Door Direct Mail gets dropped off at the retail counter of your local post office, NOT at the Business Mail Entry unit which is where other types of bulk mail get delivered.

As a result, it generally makes more sense to work with someone in your local area to have these types of mailings printed and prepared. This also improves the delivery time.

If you’re interested in sending EDDM but don’t want to do the work, we invite you to work with the team at Naples Print Source to have your EDDM designed, printed & delivered to the USPS along with the appropriate paperwork. Our team can even help you identify the proper areas to target; simply contact us.

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