With the majority of nonprofit gala invitations, there is a significant amount of content that must to be artfully communicated in a relatively small area. The challenge is to do this without overwhelming the recipients, your invitees. In addition to the “who, what, where, and when” of the invitation, other common elements include:

  • Biographical information about the speaker
  • Sponsorship levels, typically for business-sponsors or patrons and board members who want to support the organization by purchasing a table and, in return, receiving public relations value from their support
  • Information about items that will be auctioned off at the event, and/or including raffle tickets
  • Information about the nonprofit organization and how the funds raised at the gala will be used
  • A response device, typically an RSVP card and envelope

There are several common methods used to keep items organized within the invitation packet. Without these tools, the result is a mountain of chaos erupting when the invitation envelope is opened. Common ways to achieve organization include:




  • A printed or blank themed band to hold some of the supplemental items together. The band can be sealed with adhesive or with a themed sticker. This is the approach that was used for Youth Haven’s Starry Night Gala invitation package.

For the Starry Night package, we worked with the Youth Haven team and a designer to create a custom, die-cut tri-fold invitation, printed on Pearl Stardream paper with silver foil:


This piece has received quite a bit of positive feedback in the community, including “magical,” “gorgeous,” and “awesome.”

Obviously, planning is critical for the successful execution of a gala invitation project, such as the Youth Haven invitation package. Iterations and prototyping may be needed to assure that the solution identified will achieve the desired artistic effect, and to fit all of the content that you wish to include.

Our team has the skill set to provide the creative for invitation packages, but many organizations have their own graphics team or partner with a creative agency. In the cases where we are not doing the creative, we welcome the opportunity to brainstorm about the project in advance of the design stage. Invariably, when there is a lack of advanced communication, we receive projects that look beautiful on a computer screen but are either impossible to execute, or impractical to execute from a budgetary point of view.

When you are ready to begin planning the invitation for your next gala or other event, reach out to me so we can brainstorm ideas and discuss options that will provide you with a package that fits your brand, effectively brings in reservations, sponsorships and other commitments to support your organization, and fits within your budget.

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