Custom-printed boxes are one of the hottest recent trends in marketing. They are receiving attention from marketers looking for new ways to make a package stand out. Attention-getting boxes can easily be customized. Several options to consider include standard, corrugated and enhanced design.

 Standard Paper Boxes

Standard paper boxes are printed using the same material used to print business cards or postcards. Since they are relatively unstable, they are not suitable for shipping and would need to be inserted into another boxes before shipping.

Because standard paper boxes are printed on commonly available paperweights, they are relatively easy to produce and, consequently, the least expensive option for printed boxes.

Standard paper box example:










Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are stronger than standard paper boxes and can be used for shipping without the need to put a box inside of another box. They can be printed inside and out, which allows for a pleasant surprise when customers or prospects open them. They can even be ordered in small quantities.

There is a great deal of flexibility with sizes available for corrugated boxes. Since the boxes are three-dimensional, we use a special software that creates a die to use for the artwork. This dramatically simplifies the design process of a 3D object whether our internal creative team does the work, or our clients prefer to provide the design.

Sample corrugated business card box:










Example of a sturdy corrugated shipping box:










Enhanced Design Mailable Box

Among the many box options available to you are high quality boxes that are designed to include magnetic closures and carved foam inside. These are also shipping quality, but the exterior of the box is totally smooth as compared to the corrugated boxes which have a slightly bumpy texture. The smooth texture of these specially designed boxes not only allows for sharper images and more even ink distribution, but it also allows for the application of custom coatings like high-gloss, spot varnish or soft touch.

Magnetic closures can be incorporated into the box design, as well as custom die-cut foam inserts to securely hold your marketing materials or product in place. The practical minimum for this style of box is 100 pieces. This style of box has been especially popular with real estate professionals.

When investigating this style of box, it is important to identify and address any printing restrictions. For instance, some vendors pre-print boxes and only reserve a small area of the box for later placement of your logo. In many cases, the logo does not print well and, therefore, does not represent your brand in the best light possible.











Our team takes pride in printing these boxes for each client on-demand which makes them fully customizable and does not compromise on quality.

Are you ready to explore printed boxes? Please contact us so we can discuss how to create a box that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

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