captain-and-krew-websiteThe visual portion of a website is quite important, but it only represents about 10% of a website. Websites are like icebergs because only a small percentage of what makes a website work is visible to the human eye. A properly constructed website will not only look great, but it will be constructed in such a way that search engines, such as Google, will reward the site with organic search rankings. In other words, a properly constructed site has a much higher likelihood of appearing at the top of Google search results than a poorly constructed site.


What determines search engine rank?

1) Is your site mobile-friendly? More and more websites are being accessed by mobile phones and tablets. Does your site look good and operate smoothly across PC, tablet and phone?

2) All search engines evaluate load speed on traditional computers as well as on tablets and mobile phones. A site that takes too long to load will be punished by Google, Bing, and other search tools. Page speed can be managed with WordPress plugins and other techniques addressed during the construction of a website.

3) Use of text, tags, and titling on your website so that your website is aligned with the key words that your target audience is searching for will improve your traffic.

You certainly can pay someone to design an attractive website, but if your site is not built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, it will be very difficult for your target audience to locate it. And, if they do locate it, they may leave if they are unhappy or frustrated with the way your site is functioning.

If you are interested in a free SEO audit of your current website, please contact us today for a consultation. If you’d like to create a new website that will attract the visitors you are looking for, see samples of our website work here.

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