Metallic paper can be used to dress up an invitation, envelope, folder or other marketing piece, transforming it from basic into what might be described as powerful and stunning.

To get the most out the properties of metallic papers, you will want to follow these suggestions.

Minimize copy, graphics and photos. Metallic paper is considered a premium paper and to get the most out of your investment, we strongly recommend you show off the paper. When printing on metallic paper, avoid heavy ink coverage. That is, don’t fill the page with printing and ink. To show off the elements of the metallic paper, you want to ensure you have large areas of white space so that the properties of the paper can shine through. If you cover the paper with printing, you will conceal and reduce the beauty of the metallic effect.

card-gold-foil-metallic-gold-linerUse metallic paper as an accent. Some of the best utilizations of metallic paper don’t involve printing at all, or may use minimal printing. For example, liners are a common way to show off metallic paper. In this example, we used a brushed gold foil liner with a EuroFlap envelope. Because of its larger size, the EuroFlap offers a more dramatic display of the foil.

Another example of a blank glittery gold paper used with a non-metallic, die-cut sleeve, as seen here. By sliding in the sheet on top of the other pieces in the invitation, you can achieve something that appears very much like gold foil.

Blank metallic stock can also be used as a glitter layer under a mounted invitation like you see here.


Black Metallic Event Program Booklet with White InkA popular metallic color option is black. Although you’re generally limited to printing with white or metallic ink colors, the effects can be quite stunning as with this metallic black cover.








While gold and silver are the most common metallic paper colors, you should be aware that there are many other metallic color options available that may pair better you’re your brand colors. For example, here’s an attractive metallic pink envelope.metallic-pink-envelope

If you have an unconventional marketing project with a solution that looks like a label, we also have access to metallic label stock which can be used to tastefully grab attention, as seen here.

When you are ready to begin planning your next marketing project, reach out to our team so we can discuss how metallic paper could be used to create a shimmery piece that stands out, gets noticed, and will be described as stunning.

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