There are many reasons to consider outsourcing your database management including:

  • Your current database manager has resigned or been terminated
  • Your current database manager is taking an extended leave
  • Your organization is experiencing rapid growth and your database has become too large or too complex for a single person to manage

database management

Here are some of the most important considerations when vetting a potential outsource database partner:

  • Experience: How many years of relevant experience does a potential outsource partner have? Do they have customer testimonials? Do they offer references from existing clients? Experienced partners have walked the walk, and as a result they know the common pitfalls to avoid when working with your database.
  • Trust & Integrity: Do you trust the organization to protect the privacy of your members and your organization’s data? Do they have experience handling sensitive information that requires discretion? A database partner should be willing to back this up in writing.
  • Technical Competence: In addition to seeking a database partner who is friendly, accessible & trustworthy, the organization must be technically competent in order to successfully manage your database. You should be sure to ask which platform or platforms they offer for managing your database, and ask if they have experience migrating data if you are considering switching to a new platform.
  • Reliability: Will your outsource partner have more than one person competent to manage your account? Even if you have a primary account contact, there should be at least one additional person who understands how to satisfy the needs of your organization. Your outsource partner should create written documentation detailing what’s needed to successfully manage your account.
  • Deadline Awareness: There are so many critical deadlines tied to your database, such as reminders and deadlines for events, annual renewals, or fundraising campaign deadlines. Does your outsource partner have experience managing critical deadlines?

Would you consider working with us for your organization’s database management needs?

Our team has 13 years of database management experience with hands-on expertise in management of:

  • print campaigns
  • email communication
  • annual renewal communication & processing
  • tracking donations
  • archiving non-renewing members
  • management of sub-groups
  • exporting data & generating reports

Our team uses Wild Apricot to manage databases for nonprofit organizations and membership organizations. We would be happy to offer professional references from existing database management clients.

Simply contact us or give us a call at 239-263-2500 if you’d like to have a conversation about our database management services.

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